16mm Ball Valve 16mm – 3/4″ BSP Male Thread

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Ball Valve 16mm Barbed – 3/4″ BSP Male Thread 

Made in Europe from industrial grade plastic.  A simple ball valve that can be used with 16mm LDPE external diameter pipe or 13mm internal diameter.  These sharp barbs hold a secure push fit conection in all good quality LDPE pipe with a pressure rating of 6 bar.  The valve has a simple 90 degree twist from fully open to fully closed and can be used as a flow reducer as the tap will reduce flow as it is turned towards the closed position.  While this is not technically a pressure regulator it can be used in this manner

  • Industrial grade plastic
  • UV stabilised
  • Can be used above or below ground
  • Simple push fit
  • Fits 16 mm external diameter LDPE pipe
  • Fits 13mm internal diameter LDPE pipe
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