3wf-3 14L Knapsack Mist Duster Power Sprayer

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Mist-Dust knapsack power Sprayer/Gas Powe Sprayer
Model: 3WF-3
Volume of pesticide tank: 14L
Volume of fuel tank: 2.3L
Size: 500X440X680 mm
Net Weight: 10.5kg
Vertical Range: 15m
Horizontal Range: 20m
Gushing Out Above(kg/min): >3
Power Type: 40FP-3Z
Rated Power/Rotating Speed(kw/r/min): 1.5/6000
Specific fuel consumption(g/kwh): ≤ 530
Fuel: Petrol, engine oil and exclusive lubricant oil for two-stroke gasoline engine 25: 1
Starter mode: Kick startup
Small in size and light in weight compared with its rather large pesticide tank and far reach of spray range
Adopts latest ignition technology, so there are seldom circuit failures with engine
Easy to manipulate and maintain.
With advanced self-reversion startup technology
With well designed whole machine structure
The shell in the front of the fan is made of aluminum and the back cover is made of nylon
Can be used for spraying pesticide for fruit trees, cotton, and other agriculture and forestry crops


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