ATMAN MP-15000


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tman BH 4466

Aquarium water pumps MP Atman scene 15000

– Manufacturer: Atman
– Water flow: 12500 l / h
– Promoting high: 4.5 m
– Power: 200W
– Voltage: 220 / 240-50Hz
  • Atman is the pumps reliable and efficient pump for supplying water to the filters, fish ponds, aquariums, waterfalls or fountains.
  • Economy in the first time strong enough to pump large amounts of water.
  • Perfect for the water supply to more than 10 meters distance.
  • There is a large primary filter chamber to protect the propeller faster contamination and premature wear.
  • Can suck the dirty particles up to 6 mm.
  • Ceramic shaft for the life of pumps long and low noise.
  • Can be placed outside the pond / lake.


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