I tem: FH-5041

Size :  24 x 10cm

Packing : 5PCS/box   120 boxes/CTN

Measurement :  35 x 26 x 25 cm
G.Weight :  7.5 Kg

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Description :

1、Attracts and kills greenhouse aphids including Greenfly,  Blackfly,  Whitefly,Thrips and Midges.

2、Aureola-yellow traps reflect light at a wavelength that greenhouse pests find irresistible. The traps use no poisons and will work continuously, reducing the need for sprays and providing a visible monitor of the build-up of aphid populations.

Easy-peel release papers protect cach trap. Simply peel back the release paper and hang the trap just above the planted area using string or twist ties. Alternatively, mount the trap on a cane by passing it through the

perforations at either end. Place traps at approximately 2 meter intervals.

The aureola-yellow board is coated with a special adhesive which will begin to deteriorateafter approximately

6-8 weeks at temperatures below 25℃. In better weather replace the traps more often.
Aphid traps are made with biodegradable materials and may be disposed of with ordinary  household waste after use.

1. Please do not put this product with strong vents, dust place or humid environment, whether

those of the Stick will diminish.

2. This product is non-toxic, but the use of a strong adhesive agent, please handle carefully

adhesive agent.

3. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

4. In case of accident contact with the glue, please use following method.
Body contact with glue, use vegetable oil or kerosene carefully erased with a cloth.
Clothing contact with glue, the majority can be removed by hand, use kerosene, gasoline scrub clothing lightly.

Attention to the clothing of solvent resistance and prevent damage to clothing.
Floor contact with glue, use flour or starch remove adhesive from the floor, use vegetable oil carefully wiped off the glue, and then use floor detergent cleaning.

Kerosene, gasoline is flammable, keep in the absence of the fire source, use in a safe place.



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