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Technical specifications
Type of movement Pulse motion with vibration
Type of head 2 eccentric, 2 rods steely gears ,6 carbon fiber sticks
Rpm of the head 1350 rpm @ 12V DC
Motor 750 Watt
Output 200 – 250 kg olive seed/hour
Initial length 2,30m ( 3,3m with extension)
Weight 2,1kg
Extension Optional Extention 1.0m
Cable length 15m for generator or battery use
Average consumption 8A /hr
Usage instructions
  1. Place the injection pins of the cord to the respective current supplier (generator, battery, rectifier 12VDC). There is not polarity (+ -), so it does not matter how you place the pins as long as they connect properly to the receptors of the supplier.
  2. Start the generator or battery or 12VDC rectifier. The consumption of the devices is 8Α/h.
  3. Press the on-off switch at the base of the harvester. The harvester is now working





The two bases form a V-shaped moving opposite to one another managing opening and closing 54 points strictly controlled to avoid clipping


Apria is a double-head olive harvester with carbon fiber
2 eccentric,
2 rods gears from steel
6 carbon fiber sticks


arpuia plus





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