Beekeeping Jacket

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Product Features

  • Excellent design with light weight, protective fabric and cool for hot weather.
  • With elasticated cuffs and waistband, prevent bees entering clothing
  • Good visibilities, round hat design, keep the bees away from your face.
  • Includes 8″ large pocket on the front, you can put some small tools in it. very convenient!
  • Machine Washable

Product Description

A beekeeper suit is a set of protective garments that are worn by people who work with bees. This beekeeping suit is a necessity for any apiary enthusiast. All of the work of a beekeeper must be done with a great deal of care. Although most people who are not allergic to bees can survive being stung, even those without any allergy to bees can become very ill or die from being attacked by a swarm. For this reason, most apiarists wear a beekeeper suit.

This jacket is light weight and made from polyester and will surely provide you protection which keeping you cool. It is perfect for light hive work or for visitors wanting to see your farm. The hood zips partially off so you can put it back when not in use.


  • Color : White
  • Size: fit for most adults
  • 29″ from shoulder to elastic sleeve
  • 30″ from the hood zipper to the elastic waist band
  • 45″ from the brim of the hat to the elastic waist band
  • Roughly 28″ between the 2 seems on the sides


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