Champion Salmon Salad and Rice Adult Cat Food 15 kg

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Champion Salmon Salad & Rice Adult Cat Food 15 kg


Product information


Special feeding your cat …
Cute friend’s full meets all nutritional needs and helps to protect the health.

Because it offers a balanced food for your cat foods are easily digestible and help keep the ideal weight for your cat. Groomed feathers, bright eyes and flexible while helping in the formation of tight muscles and provides the little stool formation. Through the amino acids taurine and optimally supports the development of the immune system. So cute friend’s provides a comfortable meeting with the diet.



Fish, meat and animal by-products

Cereals and rice

Animal fats (protected by antioxidants permitted by the EU)

Salts, vitamins and minerals

Animal and vegetable protein sources


Statement Analysis


Humidity (at most) 10%

Crude Protein (min) 32%

Crude oil (minimum-maximum) 11-17%

Raw Life (up to) 4%

Crude ash (at most) 8%

The thaw in HCl Ash (up to) 2%

Calcium (minimum-maximum) 0.5-1.9%

Phosphorus (minimum-maximum) 0.5-1.9%

Sodium (minimum-maximum) 0.1-1%

Taurine 1000 mg / kg

Vitamin A (minimum) to 15,000 IU / kg

Vitamin D3 (at least) 1500 IU / kg

Vitamin E (min) 150 mg / Kg

Metabolic Energy 3900 Kcal / Kg


Food Proposal

Cat’s weight

Moderate activity


2 – 3 kg

30-45 g

35-55 g

4-5 kg

60-75 g

In 70 – 90 g

6-7 kg

90-110 g

110-125 g

8-9 kg

125-140 g

145-160 g

10 kg

155 g

180 g



General Information


If you give this product to your cat for the first time, give the food to be used initially stirring for 2 weeks. The above amount of the daily diet, the activity of your cat, exercise status, environmental conditions vary depending on the mood and stress. The above amounts may be increased as needed to provide optimal body weight or reduced.

* Dry, cool, in a place away from insects and pests and keep the mouth closed package.

* As a general rule, should be fresh drinking water along with dry food.


* Low price, high quality


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