Champion Veal Adult Cat Food 15kg

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Champion Meat Adult Cat Food 15kg


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adults with special nutritional formula of cats is produced.




Taurine your cat’s cardiovascular health, eye health, and contributes to the overall development. Balanced calcium and phosphorus content, promotes the formation of healthy teeth and bones.

Digestion rate contributes to the high protein content with the development of healthy body and strong muscles.


amino acids and vitamins in the content provides a strong immune system. The quality fat content provides sufficient energy level to your cat.


In addition, Champion rich vitamin mix the contents of meat Adult Cat Food, balanced omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for healthy skin, strong and shiny hair structure, the ideal fiber structure contributes to the digestion of your cat.


Champion Meat Adult Cat Food for adult cats, or your veterinarian for a recommendation also as a complete and balanced dry food do not need to add any minerals or vitamins.


Nutritional advice is situated on the food package.


General Information


The first time you use this product, your data is used by mixing initially with food for 2 weeks.

* Dry, cool, insects and pests away from the pack and keep the mouth closed.

* As a general rule, it should be fresh drinking water along with dry food.

* Low price, high quality

Brand Champion
Segment formula Premium
Mama Type Dry
Taste Calf
product Kilogram Large (10-17 kg)
Age Adults (Adult)


Warranty (Months) 24
Sales abroad No
Stock code PTTROPP13731

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