I tem: FH-5092
Size :  6.5x 6.5 x 26 cm
Packing :  2 PCS/box   48 boxes / CTN
Measurement :  53.5 x 41x 29 cm
G.Weight :  8 Kg
20 Foot Container : 456  CTNS

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This flying trap is safe and effective way to control houseflies,months and other flying insects.It can be used indoor and out such as garage,bam,porch office including in food preparation areas or baby’s room.
Remove from box,carefully remove the protective paper.Don’t touch sticky surface,handle by top and bottom .Hang the trap with plastic hook. For best result,hang vertically with all sides of the trap expose, near the area where the insects of the appear.
If no insects are caught within 2 or 3 days, switch trap another location.


1. Please do not put this product with strong vents, dust Fengyang place or humid environment, whether those of the Stickies will diminish.
2. This product is non-toxic,but the use of a strong adhesive agent, pls handle carefully drawn, do not touch directly contravene suitable adhesive agent.
3. Keep out of reach of children ans pets.
4. In case of accident contact with the glue, pls use following method
Body contact with glue, use vegetable oil or kerosene carefully erased with a cloth Clothing contact with glue, the majority can be removed by hand, use kerosene, gasoline scrub .Clothing lightly-Attention to the clothing of solvent resistance and prevent damage to clothing.
Floor contact with glue,use flour or starch remove adhesive fron the floor, use vegetable oil carefully wiped off the glue, and then ues floor detergent cleaning.

Kerosene, gasoline is flammable, keep in the absence of the fire source, use in a safe place.


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