Goody Fish 2.5 kg

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Goody Fish Adult Dog Food

Goody Fish Adult Dog nourishing formula is designed specifically for the needs of adult dogs.


  • Balanced calcium and phosphorus content of healthy teeth and bones promotes the formation.
  • digestive rate high protein healthy body development with the content and the strong muscles contribute.
  • vitamins it contains provides a strong immune system. The quality fat content provides sufficient energy level your dog.
  • In addition, Goody Fish Adult Dog ‘s rich in vitamins in content, balanced omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin, strong and shiny hair structure, the ideal fiber structure contributes to the digestion of your dog.


Content is a miracle to feed the fish dog: Omega-3 for the very rich, is a protein with high digestibility and very blunted sense of taste you have an irresistible flavor that dogs are able to distinguish even. Goody Fish Dry Dog Food is designed to deliver these benefits to our lovely friends. Goody Fish rich in omega-3 content of dry dog because dogs fed food fur and skin becomes healthy, natural glucosamine and chondroitin content due maintains joint health and support brain and eye health.


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