harvesting rod MSR lanara

ΜSR-LANARA “Lanara” head, electrically-powered Minos SIK harvesting rod We are introducing our new electrically-powered Minos SIK harvesting rod with a Lanara head that will penetrate even the most dense foliage without harming it or discarding large amounts of leaves. This is the most productive harvester of its type due mainly to the parallel positioning of the strumming sticks and the high quality of materials used. Rod height varying from 1,80m to 2,5m.
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Technical Specifications
Motion Type Vibrational
Number of sticks 2 “brushes” of 11 sticks each
Length Typical length 240 cm including the rake handle
Weight 3,4 Kg in 250 cm of length
Cable 16,5 meters
Consumption 9-10 Α (average)
Motor DC 12V 200 Watt




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