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Beehive Supers in High Quality & Genuine New Zealand Pine Timber. In the box includes 2 Sets of Boxes – this means 4x Long Side Walls & 4x Short Side Walls.

Featuring dovetail joints for extra strength & Grip.

The wood is RAW of any chemicals or oils. It’s ready for for priming, oiling or painting–whatever method works for you!

Boxes come flat-packed, meaning it’s in pieces and will need to be assembled. You only need a mallet as the nails come in the box.


  • Size: 10 Frame Capacity – Full Depth Size
  • Compatibility: Standard Australian Full Depth Frames
  • Dovetail Joints
  • Material: New Zealand Pine Wood
  • Free of any chemicals, polishes, oils or finishes. Ready for priming and oiling.

What’s in the box?

  • 2 Sets of Supers – This means 8 Beehive walls in total.
  • Nails


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