itec AC 2,4,6,8 Station Multi Program Controller

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station controller.

ual station programming.

diagnostic circuit breaker identifies, override and display electric malfunction of a station.

budgeting from 10-200%.

operation per station or Semi-Auto of all programmed stations.

” feature allow quick copy of data from previous station.

function – if more then two stations have been programmed to start at the same time.

failure indication.

ng time – 1 min. to 9 hrs & 59 1 min. increments.

Time – 3 starts per day per valve.

schedule – 7 days “select -A-day” or “Skip days” interval from 1-30 days.

valve/Pump start.

Rain Switch.

m Erase – total reset.

al transformer – 19.2VA.

Alkaline battery to run the controller program and keep real time during power failure.

compartment, located on the right side of the controller, inside a sliding drawer, with “push to lock” and “push to unlock” mechanism.


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