MOUSE GLUE TRAPS( plastic board)

tem: FH- 5013
Size :  13.5 X 21cm
Packing : 2 PCS/box     72 boxes / CTN
Measurement :  31.5x 23.5 x 18.5 cm
G.Weight :  8Kg
20 Foot Container :  2000 CTNS

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Description :
Mouse Glue Traps are an essential tool for the control of mice and may be usd in both commercial and domestic premises, particularly where instances of repeat infestation
and possible resistance to rodenticides occur.
Use Mouse Glue Traps as last resort where control of mice with either poison baits or conventional mechanical traps has failed or is inadvisable.
Follow the easy to use instructions provided and you will find Mouse Glue Trap extremely effective-both as a cure for infestation and as a means of preventing spread of associated
disease-carrying matter, suce as rodent hairs, urine, faeces andectoparasites.


Trapping Tips:
1. Place Traps at 2-3 metre intervals in areas where mice are likely to travel as they move from hiding places to feeding sites. For best results place traps along walls, runways and adjacent to gnawed openings where mice are active. Block holes and passage ways to force rodents into areas where traps are sited.
2. Avoid exposing traps to dust, distrain rain or direct sunlight. Protect traps in dusty and outdoor areas by placing beneath the cover of lean-to boards.


1. Avoid placing traps in area where there is a danger of children, pets and non-target
species of wild bird or animal coming into cotact with traps. In the event of accidental
contact with trap, remove using vegetable oil followed by washing with warm water
and mild detergent. Avoid physical contact with captured mice.
2. Remove traps when inspection canno be carried out twice daily.

1.Slowly remove release paper
2.Fold into“tent”and secure with locking tabs on top.
3.Place “tented”or “flat”trap against wall, or wherever mice have been seen.
4.If you prefer a “flat” trap, fold traplengthwise along perforation.
5.Inspect traps at least twice daily. Despatch captured mice quickly and humanely. In the event of actidental contact with traps, remove using vegetable oil followed by washing with warm water and mild detergent.


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