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Keeps pigeons and bats window ledges, windows, balconies, eaves, roof spaces below.

Prolonged effect and the most effective. The active substance produces the smell is unbearable for pigeons and birds in general but not unpleasant for humans.

When used in accordance with the instructions, the product is not harmful to humans, children, animals and plants and is not harmful to the environment.

Recommended use:

Shake well before using. Cleaned the area droppings of birds.
Splash generously from a distance of 20-30 cm while paying attention to air currents that may disperse the product. Just in case we suggest you try on a small portion of the surface because the use of the product may stain certain materials.
In the case of a strong and persistent rain, or washing the surface of the water and / or detergent, required further treatment with the product.
under normal conditions, the product prevents building nests; therefore it is recommended to use it regularly even before nesting season.

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