SM 750 Single Churn Single Milking للبقر

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Animal Type : Cow
Number of Animals : Single Milking
Fixed or Mobile : Active
Number of Wheels : Two (rough terrain)
Number of Bucket : My Single Jug
Churn Type : Chrome, Aluminum, Transparent (Polycarbonate)
Pump Type : Dry
Claw Type : 250cc
liner : Cow Breast (Big Head)
Motor Power kW : 0,55kw
Pallet type and size : Graphite Pallet 70x43x4,90
Milking Time : 5 min.
Claw Capacity : 250cc
Churn Capacity : 30 Liters
Motor Voltage (V) : Operates with 220V
Engine Capacity : 220L / min
Weight : 55kg



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