Smoker Stainles Steel

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Fumei Apiculture provide all kinds of beekeeping tools for beekeepers in the beekeeping. For example, bee smoker, beeswax foundation machine, hive tools, honey scraper, frame excluder, queen excluder scrapper, bee brush, queen cage, bee feeder, pollen collector, propolis collector and so on.

Large Bee Smoker –

Calm your bees during inspection,


  • Framed with protective steel frame to protect your hands from the heat of the smoker.
  • This Smoker will give you the opportunity to work with smoke-tamed bees.
  • Burn many types of fuels (as long as they’re all natural, non-chemically contaminated substances, after all…honey production is 100% natural!) hessian, burlap, pine needles, corrugate cardboard, paper cartons and wood.
  • Product Dimensions – 10.4 x 28 x 31cm, Stainless Steel


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