ZLOME01 OLIVE SHAKER SERIES The ZLOME01 is an innovative olive harvester with 12VDC battery operation. It carries 2 elastic spheres with sticks, each one with individual vibrating motion and 360°coverage. The ZLOE01 is suitable for all olive tree varieties. It has high productivity rates and is available in lengths from 2.4m up to 3.4m using an extension. Its performance is optimum for both the outer and inner parts of the tree and its head enters into the densest parts without getting tangled with the branches. Due to motion and the soft material of its elastic sticks the OME01 does not damage the branches, leaves or the fruits of the tree. MOTOR HANDLE The motor is manufactured with top quality materials. It attaches to all our rake models with a quick brace. It is ergonomically designed and lightweight, it carries an 8m power cord and can be powered by an olive harvesting generator, voltage transformer or a 12VDC battery.
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Standard length(with motor) 2.40m
Type of motion Vibration
No of elastic sticks 16/28
Weight (w/o cable) 3.120gr
Production capacity rate 100/110  kg/hr
High power DC Motor 200w
Operating Voltage 12VDC
Average consumption 8A
Cable length 8m
Extend Pole 1m


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