Who we are?

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Technogreen for Agricultural Production Supplies is an extension company for Al Wadi Al Akhdar, it was established and registered in 2009, but the mother company was established in 1991, which means about 22 years of experience in the agricultural field.




Field of the company business

Technogreen Co. works with a lot of local and international non-governmental organizations such as UNDP, FAW, UNRWA, OXFAM, NPA, EC, SDC, CARE international , Italian cooperation, PARC, UAWC, ARIJ, PHG. Directly or through the local non-governmental organization.

The company has implemented many agricultural projects including more than 3 million USD in the last year only.


The main fields that the Technogreen Company covers are:

  • Import and Supply and produce the needed of olive trees care and olive harvest materials
  • Import and supply the needed machines and equipment for the agricultural activities and home gardens.
  • Import, supply and implement agricultural networks and all the needed fittings and accessories including drip irrigation pipes, pumps.
  • Import and supply all suitable kinds of the seeds and seedling of vegetables and fruit
  • Import and supply many suitable kinds of pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Import and supply beekeeping equipments.
  • Import and Supply the needed materials for pets.



Staff (Employee)


A highly qualified staff is responsible for running the company; the staff consists of the followings:


  • Mostafa Dawod – General Director


Agro. Mostaf Dawood holds a BA degree in Agricultural Engineering , he has 22 years experience in the filed of agricultural sector which rank him as one of the most famous engineers and suppliers for the agricultural equipment and materials in the whole West Bank. Agr. Eng. Mostafa is 42 years old and he was born in Ramallah.


  • Dr. Saleh Swalem – Technogreen representative in Turkey.


Dr. Swalem is the company representative in Turkey and he is responsible for arranging all the importing issues to guarantee the quality of the supplied materials to match the European standards and facilitating the arrival of materials to the company in Ramallah on time.


  • Mohammad Othman – Mechanical Technicians


Mr. Othman has more than 20 years experience in the field of mechanical field. He is the mechanical consultant for the company mainly in the field of mechanical works such as pumps, networks and olive production machine .


  • Mohammad Dawood – Sell manager and agricultural Technicians.


Mohammad is the sell manager and an agricultural technician in Technogreen Company. He is 35 years old and he has 17 years experience in the field of agricultural sector.


  • Lutfi Nidal – Agricultural technicians


Mr. Lutfi is a technical assistant in the company. He is 30 years old and he has 10 years experience in the common work of the agricultural activities carried out in the company.


  • Mohamad Mostafa – sales man


Mr. Mohamamad is a technical the company. He is 24 years old and he has 5 years experience in the common work of the agricultural activities carried out in the company.


  • Zaky AL-shaikh, Jehad Othman and others work as part timers


The company mission is to improve the agricultural sector in the Palestine by working hard to supply high quality materials with competitive prices to fulfill the sector needs.