grafting scissors cutting knife

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  • Root and scion of it is easy to match the u-cut, v- cut or cut, faster healing
  • Use easily and fastly.Vaccination way than traditional savings of time and effort
  • Blade can be replaced
  • Use the edger to cut branches from a factory useless
  • Note:
  • Stay away from the reach of children
  • Do not use on dry or old hard wood

how to use:

  • Step 1: Holdstock tinkering tool in vaccinated and squeezehandle to makecut, repeat this step to cut stem fromdonor plant. Care to ensure that the cut in inventories groove factory.
  • Step 2:Movedonor stem intogroove ofstock plant, matchingcut surfaces as much as possible. In stock and donor plant it is notsame size, match onside only.
  • Step 3: Place sterlizing material aroundjoint, and fasten with tape, and sterilization materialprotect against bacteria and weather conditions.
  • Step 4: Usepruner to cut useless branches of plants.
  • Step 5: tool and tinkering with”v & u &”endblade and blade both can be cut, onepiece blade can be usedtwo pieces blade, so you would have totalsix cutting blade.



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