Suoer 20A 12V Lead Acid Car Battery Charger (DC-1220A)

Suoer 20A 12V Lead Acid Car Battery Charger(DC-1220A)

1.Car Engine start function 20A(10s)
2.Battery autofix feature
3.LCD screen display(Charging time,Temperature,Charging current/voltage,Battery capacity)
4.Adjustable charging current 4A/8A/12A/20A
5.Reverse connecting protection
6.Three phase charging mode
7.OEM & ODM are acceptable



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Product Description

Battery Charger have 10-second car engine start function and temperature control fan,when MCU detect the charger’s temperature more than 45 degrees will open the fan until below to 35 degrees.Can choose charging current,4A,8A,12A,20A.Also have auto stop when full recharge function.




To ensure the safety of the car battery charger, 6 protections are designed, including overload protection, overvoltage protection, low voltage protection, high temperature protection and output short circuit protection, battery reverse protection.




You can use the car battery charger’s engine starting function to start up quickly when coming across following problems:
1.The car has no eletricity and breaks down.

2.The engine oil becomes thicker in winter,which makes it difficult to start up.

3.The car’s engine is aging and it is unable to start up the car.

Technical Parameters


Model DC-1220A
Input current 4A,8A,12A,20A
The battery type 12V 20AH
Working temperature – 10 Centigrade to 40 Centigrade
Storage temperature – 20 Centigrade to 70 Centigrade


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