Veal Champion Dog Food (working and active dogs) 10kg

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Champion Veal employees and Active Dog Dog Food 10 kg

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Is perfect for active and working dogs …
which is rich in animal protein in high-class food, energy, providing complete and balanced nutrition to high dog helps maintain his overall health and ideal body weight.

Landscaped feathers, while helping in the formation of glossy eyes and flexible muscles, tight and help the little stool formation. Your dog will always remain vigorous and energetic, it helps to increase the fun moments you spent with her.



Veal and animal by-products


Animal fats (protected by antioxidants permitted by the EU)

Salts, vitamins and minerals

Animal and vegetable protein sources


Statement Analysis


Humidity (at most) 10%

Crude Protein (min) 22%

Crude oil (minimum-maximum) 10-17%

Raw Life (up to) 4%

Crude ash (at most) 7%

The thaw in HCl Ash (up to) 2%

Calcium (minimum-maximum) 0.5-1.7%

Phosphorus (minimum-maximum) 0.4-1.5%

Sodium (minimum-maximum) 0.1-1%

Vitamin A (minimum) to 15,000 IU / kg

Vitamin D3 (at least) 1500 IU / kg

Vitamin E (min) 150 mg / Kg

Metabolic Energy 3900 Kcal / Kg


Nutrition Advisory

Dog’s weight

Moderate activity

High activity

2-4 kg

55-90 g

65-110 g

6-8 kg

125-150 g

145-185 g

10-15 kg

180-245 g

215-295 g

20-25 kg

305-360 g

365-430 g

30-35 kg

410-460 g

495-555 g

40-45 kg

510-555 g

610-670 g

50-55 kg

605-645 g

725-775 g

60 kg

690 g

830 g


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